CARA Burns Night Report

Last week, the Creffield Area Residents’ Association (CARA) held a Burns Night-themed annual dinner at St Martin’s Church on Hale Gardens. As well as excellent haggis and bag-pipes, the chair of CARA (Margaret Cunningham) gave an interesting speech about the challenges facing our area which I thought members of the forum would be interested in.

1. There is an increased threat to the Creffield area posed by conversions of houses to small flats and HMOs, and the lack of robust objection from council. There is a risk that if unchallenged, it could fundamentally change our area.

2. A waste processing site has been proposed near West Acton Primary School which would process over 300,000 tonnes of waste per annum. This could see 60-or-so waste trucks going through our area PER DAY, as well as placing waste close to children. Though technically not in the CARA area, if the plan proceeds it will affect CARA residents.

3. There are plans to redevelop parts of Ealing Town Centre with new high-rise buildings. This would result in the loss of some historical buildings as well as radically changing the look of the town centre and putting increased demands on local services such as schools and transport. CARA is working with the Save Ealing Centre organisation to ensure any changes consider residents needs and have made a financial contribution to support such efforts.