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Proposed Waste Management Site

This site runs along the mainline, from Twyford Avenue Bridge to Horn Lane, behind West Acton Primary School and houses/allotments/ field on the south side of Noel Road. Its proximity to houses in this otherwise residential area, is very clear as visible on map satellite views at google maps and other map sites.

Pollution on Horn Lane has been one of the worst in London for years. The site must already contribute significantly to this pollution.

The new proposal is for the delivery and processing of 300,000 tons per year of waste – presumably arriving and leaving by truck and/or train.

For details of the proposal see (the consultation has now closed):

CARA Burns Night Report

Last week, the Creffield Area Residents’ Association (CARA) held a Burns Night-themed annual dinner at St Martin’s Church on Hale Gardens. As well as excellent haggis and bag-pipes, the chair of CARA (Margaret Cunningham) gave an interesting speech about the challenges facing our area which I thought members of the forum would be interested in.

1. There is an increased threat to the Creffield area posed by conversions of houses to small flats and HMOs, and the lack of robust objection from council. There is a risk that if unchallenged, it could fundamentally change our area.

2. A waste processing site has been proposed near West Acton Primary School which would process over 300,000 tonnes of waste per annum. This could see 60-or-so waste trucks going through our area PER DAY, as well as placing waste close to children. Though technically not in the CARA area, if the plan proceeds it will affect CARA residents.

3. There are plans to redevelop parts of Ealing Town Centre with new high-rise buildings. This would result in the loss of some historical buildings as well as radically changing the look of the town centre and putting increased demands on local services such as schools and transport. CARA is working with the Save Ealing Centre organisation to ensure any changes consider residents needs and have made a financial contribution to support such efforts.

Ealing cinema site & Other News

News from Ealing Civic Society

  • Ealing Cinema Site
  • 9-42 The Broadway planning appeal
  • Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum

Ealing cinema site (Ealing Filmworks)

As most of you will know St George acquired the site earlier this year from Land Securities who had received consent for a residential development with an eight-screen cinema on the east side of the site adjacent to Bond Street. This followed a successful compulsory purchase order inquiry last year conducted by the Council against Empire Cinemas and other landowners following the failure of Empire’s earlier scheme for 16 screen cinema behind the retained facade of the former Forum cinema which was itself demolished in 2008/9.

Ealing Filmworks

Following weeks of uncertainty, St George started development on the site on 12 December with a great fanfare and have indicated that they will be seeking changes to the consented scheme which would result in less commercial floor space and more residential units, including affordable homes.

They say that there will not be any significant increases in height and the overall development would look similar to the consented scheme. They plan to hold a public exhibition in the New Year prior to the submission of a planning application to modify the existing consent. Timing of the exhibition is unclear at this stage.

Disappointingly, whilst Picturehouse have repeated their commitment to provide the cinema screens (although only after reviewing the plans) St George have indicated that these will not be open until 2019 – a full 10 years after the original cinema was prematurely demolished in its 75th anniversary year. Interestingly, the new cinema complex will be partly on the site of the old Walpole Picture House which was regrettably demolished in the 1980s to be replaced by the unlovely Walpole House – itself due to be demolished under the latest scheme.

The only cloud on the horizon is that St George have not yet acquired the whole site to enable the original scheme, or something like it, to proceed. The owners of Walpole House could resist the CPO process which would lead to delays at the minimum and possibly worse if not resolved. A regrettable loss of the scheme would be the YMCA building but we hope that it will be possible to salvage the important foundation stones which include early inscriptions by the famous artist and sculptor Eric Gill.

More information about the Filmworks development may be found here at

9-42 The Broadway planning appeal

A timetable has now been agreed for the appeal hearing which will take place in May.

We will be closely working with Save Ealing’s Centre to prepare their case, having engaged a barrister to assist us. We need to raise at least £25,000 to pay for his services and we are grateful to those of you who have already contributed to the appeal which is now one third of the way to its target.

However, more is needed and we ask you to donate as much as you can and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same in this season of goodwill.

It is very easy to donate money as shown in the panel below. The Save Ealing’s Centre website now allows you to donate on-line either by PayPal or by credit card; cheques are also accepted!

Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum

The Forum’s neighbourhood plan for central Ealing was subject to consultation earlier in the autumn and an examiner has now been engaged to determine whether or not the plan can proceed to the next stage of a public referendum (in fact two referenda separately polling business and residents).

The examiner may conduct the examination entirely in writing or may wish to hold a public hearing. Timing is unclear but the examination process is unlikely to be completed until the Spring. More information is available at

Save Ealing’s Centre Campaign on 9-42 The Broadway

Campaign to save 9-42 The Broadway from demolition and inappropriate development

SEC is campaigning to prevent the destruction of the part of the Broadway between the Arcadia Centre and around Carphone Warehouse as far as the station, and replace it with an inappropriate, high-density development. The Secretary of State has “called-in” the planning application and there will be a public inquiry in May 2017. Historic England will appear, along with SEC, to put their numerous objections.

There is to be a pre-inquiry meeting with the inspector and all main interested parties in Ealing Town Hall on Wednesday 30th November at 1400 hrs. All are welcome and you are encouraged to attend. SEC needs to raise £25,000 to pay a barrister to explain the harm the plan will do.


Post EU-Referendum Reassurance

Post EU-Referendum Reassurance

The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to ensuring that London is the safest city in the world, to support all of our communities and visitors and to drive down crime through Total Policing.

As a borough, Ealing is incredibly diverse and reflects communities from across the world – both within and outside Europe. What remains important is to provide reassurance to those communities in response to local, national and international events which resonate within communities.

Following last Thursday’s EU Referendum many of us are nervous about the next steps in the process and what that will mean for us as individuals, communities and a nation. The news has reported various behaviours and comments to individuals across the country which is unacceptable, not in accordance with British values and often constitutes a criminal offence. The Metropolitan Police and Ealing police in particular are committed to a visible policing presence and thoroughly investigating any hate crime incidents, identifying and arresting any perpetrators. We seek the communities’ help in driving out these behaviours and urge anyone who experiences offensive behaviour to contact us; we will take your concerns very seriously.

The following is a quote from Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London on 24th June 2016:

“We all have a responsibility to now seek to heal the divisions that have emerged throughout this campaign – and to focus on that which unites us, rather than that which divides us.”

“I want to send a particular message to the almost one million Europeans living in London, who make a huge contribution to our city – working hard, paying taxes and contributing to our civic and cultural life. You are welcome here. We value the enormous contribution you make to our city and that will not change as a result of this referendum.”

The following is a quote from Boris Johnson MP, from an article published on 26th June 2016:

“In a democracy majorities may decide but everyone is of equal value. We who are part of this narrow majority must do everything we can to reassure the Remainers. We must reach out, we must heal, we must build bridges – because it is clear that some have feelings of dismay, and of loss, and confusion.”