Post EU-Referendum Reassurance

Post EU-Referendum Reassurance

The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to ensuring that London is the safest city in the world, to support all of our communities and visitors and to drive down crime through Total Policing.

As a borough, Ealing is incredibly diverse and reflects communities from across the world – both within and outside Europe. What remains important is to provide reassurance to those communities in response to local, national and international events which resonate within communities.

Following last Thursday’s EU Referendum many of us are nervous about the next steps in the process and what that will mean for us as individuals, communities and a nation. The news has reported various behaviours and comments to individuals across the country which is unacceptable, not in accordance with British values and often constitutes a criminal offence. The Metropolitan Police and Ealing police in particular are committed to a visible policing presence and thoroughly investigating any hate crime incidents, identifying and arresting any perpetrators. We seek the communities’ help in driving out these behaviours and urge anyone who experiences offensive behaviour to contact us; we will take your concerns very seriously.

The following is a quote from Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London on 24th June 2016:

“We all have a responsibility to now seek to heal the divisions that have emerged throughout this campaign – and to focus on that which unites us, rather than that which divides us.”

“I want to send a particular message to the almost one million Europeans living in London, who make a huge contribution to our city – working hard, paying taxes and contributing to our civic and cultural life. You are welcome here. We value the enormous contribution you make to our city and that will not change as a result of this referendum.”

The following is a quote from Boris Johnson MP, from an article published on 26th June 2016:

“In a democracy majorities may decide but everyone is of equal value. We who are part of this narrow majority must do everything we can to reassure the Remainers. We must reach out, we must heal, we must build bridges – because it is clear that some have feelings of dismay, and of loss, and confusion.”