Peter Goddard Executive Travel

Peter Goddard Executive Travel offers 3-seat Lexus and 6-seat Minibus transport with special CARA rates for stations and airports (W3 includes CARA address in W5).  Request quote for other destinations. Advance booking essential.
tel: 020 8932 2322/ 07976 659 151

6 Seater Minibus

W3 to Heathrow£60.00
Heathrow to W3£60.00 + Parking
W3 to Gatwick£95.00
Gatwick to W3£95.00 + Parking
W3 to Central London Stations£50.00

Car Transfers Lexus 460 Max 3 pax

W3 to Heathrow£45.00
Heathrow to W3£45.00 + Parking
W3 to Gatwick£65.00
Gatwick to W3£65.00 + Parking
W3 to Central London Stations£40.00